What Do We Do? 
Bring hope to the hopeless people and comfort to the hurting souls of Bangladesh and the world.

The Mission Statement  
Bengali Evangelical Association proclaims the "Gospel Message of Jesus Christ" to the poor and destitute of Bangladesh and emphasizes Christian love to all the inhabitants of the globe as Christ instructed in Mark 16:15. This ministry serves to make the truth of Scripture simple and to assist in developing the application of Biblical principles among men and women within their own culture and lifestyle.

Brief Facts of BANGLADESH
Area:144,000 Sq. km
(56,977 Sq. miles) Capital: Dhaka
People: 165 million

Religion: 92% Muslim; 7% Hindu; 1% Buddhist; Christian and others. Islam declared the State religion in 1988


Economy: One of the world's poorest nations, suffering from gross over-population and periodic natural disasters such as devastating floods and cyclones with enormous loss of life.
Income/person:$360.00 per year.

About the Mission Field:There are wonderful fruits of changed live, baptisms and new congregations in one of the poorest areas in the world.  The rural villages of Bangladesh have about 110 million people and are seeing very little outreach by Christian groups.  It is a most difficult area in which to operate, with a majority Muslim population, and a Hindu minority.  In spite of this, the BEA reaches out in such a practical, service oriented way that they have earned the respect and affection of those among whom they serve.